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A Boutique Wedding Videography Company

Your story,
our passion, let’s create!

A Boutique Wedding Videography Company | Labif Filmhouse | Creating Wedding Films In Tampa | St. Petersburg | Florida | Nationwide | International 813-999-0012

We are dreamers, adventurers, and storytellers that are located in Tampa, FL.

To us the destination is just as important as the journey it takes to get there. Wherever your story takes you, we’ll follow.

With the combination of great experience filming, high end video/audio equipment, a crew with amazing and caring personalities, and top notch editing skills, Labif Filmhouse is the best option to capture all the special moments no matter if its wedding videography or commercial video because we understand it’s that once in a lifetime moment.

Each wedding, company, family, and individual has a unique story to tell and we’d love to document yours.
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